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updated: 2023-02-18
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Letters, regardless of being written on papers or computers, are official form of communication and the language used in them does reflect this. Even though this form of communication is very necessary, not all relationships require this sort of formal language. If one has to use this sort of language everytime one wants to arrange a night out with mates, all pubs & clubs would cease to exist. Thus I shall refer you as a ‘mate’ on this site (for Vietnamese language at least).

Instant Messaging or ‘chatting’ has been around since the internet has been around because it is the very purpose of the internet - communicate at the speed of electricity. This is the way we mostly communicate with family and friends in this digital age. More and more bussinesses are switching to this form of communication to keep in touch with their customers. However, ownership and privacy of our own infomation are still problems that are staring straight at us in the face, even if we don’t recognize them.

The reason I guess is because most people (me included) don’t have the time to swim through stacks and stacks of documentation that the IT sector is always very proud to show off. Hence, most of us don’t really have a clue what we are giving up before we sign up for an account with these popular chat service providers.

But without basic concepts, it is next to impossible to see the real picture. So on this page I will do my best to summarise everything and deliver the reasons why a lazy ass like myself had no other choice but to figure a way to start an XMPP chat platform.

                   ACCOUNT                                              server  
                   ---*---                                              ~~~~~~
    (Standard Address) xmpp:…············           * Prosŏdy
                                                  ·           * Biboumi    
    (Anonymous Address) xmpp:…···  ·           * Slidge     
                                               ·  ·
                                               ·  ·
                    client                     ·  ·                     GATEWAY
                    ~~~~~~                     ·  ·                     ---*---
         iOS & MacOS:                          ·  ·
           * Monal                             ·  +··xmpp:…       (Internet Relay Chat)
           * Siskin                            ·  ·      
           * Snikket                           ···+··xmpp:…  (Facebook Messenger)     
         Android:                              ·  ·
           * Conversations                     ···+··xmpp:…   (Telegram)
         MS-Windows & Linux:                   ·  ·       
           * Gajim                             ·  ·       
           * Profanity                         ·  ·                     FEATURE       
                                               ·  ·                     ---*---       
                                               ·  ·       
                                               ···+··xmpp:…   (Group Chat)
                                                  ···xmpp:…   (Indirect File Sharing)
                                                  ···xmpp:…   (Direct File Sharing)
                                                  ···xmpp:…   (Audio/Video Call)
      ↑ YOUR FREEDOM BEGINS HERE ↑                ·
                                                  xmpp:∞@∞    (The Federation of XMPP)