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This contract is the written agreement between the provider and all the users of XMPP chat service @trung.fun.

The provider of this chat service is me, Trần H. Trung.

The user of this chat service is you.

Apart from this contract, you should also read through the documentation of this service.

Below are things you must know about this service provider:

  1. I am the dictator of this service. If I consider that you are misbehaving, you will get 1 warning from me. If you still misbehave, I will delete your account and all the accounts that were in your contact list will be on my watch list.

  2. Yes, you read that correctly, I can see your contact list. I can also see your IP address; when you log in and out; how much you use the service; which other accounts you are talking to; who you are blocking; who you are inviting to the service…. These are called metadata. Any service providers are going to be able to do this on their platform.

  3. No, I do not know who you are just by your username and your IP address. No one does. I hardly know myself let alone knowing you. I only look at your metadata when somebody report you for acting out of order. I don’t just randomly look at your metadata. There are other more interesting things to do in my life.

  4. As long as I am still using this service, it will exists. Throughout the existance of this service, I will not share your data just like I will not share my own and my relatives. If this service is ever going to be terminated, I will try to warn you at least 1 month before the fact. All remaining data shall be wiped after that point. This is my promise.

If you agree with the points above then below are your responsibilities as the user of this service:

  1. Be a decent human being.

  2. Do not use this service to send mass marketing messages.

  3. Do your very best to not use foul language in public chat halls.

  4. Do not share unencrypted data if you consider they are private. I will not read them, but if the police knocks on my door with a court order or my system is compromised, no one can help you.

Only when all 8 points stated above are agreed, you then procced to register for an account @trung.fun.


Raw contract: hop-dong.en.md

Signature: hop-dong.en.md.asc